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Flo Travel Nasal Spray

Travel healthier, go with the flo!

Flo Travel is a gentle, moisturising nasal spray which contains Carrageenan, a natural red seaweed extract. This handy nasal spray helps wash away mucus which can contain viruses and irritants and relieve nasal dryness. It may also help provide some relief from common cold symptoms.

By maintaining well hydrated nasal tissues you can:

  • Support your immunity against common cold viruses and bacteria,
  • Prevent your nose from becoming dry or crusty (e.g. as a result of air conditioning).

When should I consider using Flo Travel?

If the mucus layer that covers nasal tissues is kept moist, then viruses, bacteria and other irritants are trapped and carried to the back of the throat, swallowed and then destroyed by the stomach’s acids. This is a normal and natural process. However, when we travel by plane or are in air-conditioned environments, we are exposed to lower humidity and temperatures. This can affect normal nasal function. The cooler temperatures slow down mucus transportation in the nose and low humidity can cause nasal dryness. Although planes are fitted with very efficient air filtration systems which extract many common viruses, exposure to viruses is more likely when passengers leave the plane and enter areas where the air filtration systems are less effective e.g. airports, on public transport, in hotels or offices.

Using Flo Travel is a positive step towards supporting your nasal health especially when flying, on public transport or in air-conditioned environments e.g.  offices, hotels, conference rooms, shopping centres. If you are prone to colds or have already caught a cold, then try Flo Travel Nasal Spray to relieve cold symptoms and support the nose’s natural action against common colds.

What are the main ingredients of Flo Travel?

  • Carrageenan (red seaweed extract) – this binds to the nasal tissues and retains moisture.
  • Saline (isotonic and preservative-free) – this helps gently wash away mucus including viruses, bacteria and irritants breathed in through the nose.

For more information, please watch the Flo Travel video above. Always read the label. Follow instructions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.

  • Long lasting results – moisturises for hours.
  • Effective – shown to hydrate the nose and support the nose’s natural action against common cold viruses.
  • Easy and pleasant to use – a gentle preservative-free nasal spray with no odour or after-taste.
  • Handy travel size – available as a 20mL spray. Suitable for in-flight use and on the go
  • Suitable for those prone to colds.
  • Suitable for 2 years and up.

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