Gentle nasal washing in babies – little actions can have big impacts

How gentle nasal washing benefits babies.

First, a little baby anatomy

Did you know that babies are “obligate nose breathers”. This means all babies can only breathe through their nose for their first few months.

Despite this limitation, they’re still cleverly designed little beings. By breathing through their nose, babies are able to feed, swallow and breathe at the same time. Mother Nature is a wonderful thing.

But due to their teeny nasal passages, the smallest amount of excess mucus may cause nasal congestion and this can make a baby sound snuffly and blocked up. For the mother and family of a newborns or young babies, mucus blocking these tiny airways may interfere with both feeding AND sleeping. And let’s face facts, an unsettled and unhappy baby can have knock-on effects for the whole family.

Helping baby breathe easier

Excess mucus is produced in a range of circumstances, including hay fever, allergies, a cold or other viral infections.

Cleaning and washing away excess mucus from a baby’s nose can help increase air flow and may make their breathing easier. A baby with a clearer nose means a baby who feeds more easily, which can result in a less stressed mum and a happier family household.

Snot sucking not included!

In some cultures, mothers suck the snot out of their baby’s nose with their mouth, however this is not a great idea for the hygiene reasons alone, never mind horrified onlookers!

Some products available on the market use a “nasal aspirator” or “nasal suction bulb” known as “snot suckers!”. Flo does not use these for many reasons, including the stress they may cause to mum and baby. Parents may find them tricky and difficult to administer, especially on a wriggly upset baby.

A simpler and more hygienic alternative

Flo Baby Salines do not use a snot sucking device because our products do not require one! Excess mucus can be easily cleared from baby‘s nose by gently squeezing the nostrils together with a clean tissue.

Flo Baby delivers a sterile, 100% preservative-free, gentle saline for both babies and toddlers. It is available from your pharmacy, as a dropper or gentle micro-mist spray. Both options are easy to use and can be administered at any angle so even if baby is feeding you could still use Flo Baby in a few seconds and they would hardly notice.

Due to its simple design, Flo Baby is easy to carry with you; in your nappy bag or handbag, on your travels throughout your day. Many parents are realising the benefits of gentle nasal washing in babies and you’ll find lots of tips and reviews in sites such as Tell Me Baby or Bub Hub.

To find out where you can buy Flo Baby, please check out our Where to Buy pages for your closest pharmacy.