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Flexi Nozzles Short

Flexi Nozzles Short are disposable nozzle device used to deliver Co-Phenylcaine Forte as a fine mist spray.

The difference between the two types of Flexi Nozzles are as follows:

  • Flexi SHORT (100 mm long) – Box of 50 nozzles
  • Flexi LONG (200 mm long) – Box of 25 nozzles

The Flexi Nozzle has many advantages over conventional nozzles including:

  • A broad cradle platform – enabling easy and comfortable operator control.
  • Fine nozzle tip – a slim-line design ensures ease of use and accurate placement in the nose. The tip produces a fine mist spray to ensure good coverage of the mucosa.
  • Individual wrapping – each nozzle is wrapped to enable hygienic handling before use.

Please Note: The Flexi Nozzle is registered as a “Single Use” item. A new nozzle for each patient (Single Use Policy) is advocated in order to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Use as directed.