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CoPhenylcaine Forte Spray

Anaesthetic & vasoconstrictor spray used by health professionals

CoPhenylcaine Forte Spray is a multiple use anaesthetic and vasoconstrictor spray for nasal tissue used by health professionals. It is dispensed via a single use Flexi Nozzle which is attached to the pump.

What are the active ingredients?

Co-Phenylcaine Forte Spray contains the following active ingredients:

  • Lidocaine (Lignocaine) hydrochloride monohydrate 5 mg/spray
  • Phenylephrine hydrochloride 500 micrograms/spray

Refer to Flexi Nozzles pages for more information about delivering Co-Phenylcaine Forte as a fine mist spray to patients.


Available in a 50mL bottle. Equivalent to 500 sprays.

Use only as directed. Should be administered by a health professional.