Parents vote Flo Baby as their brand of choice!

For almost 17 years now, the people at ENT Technologies have led the way by providing some fairly innovative nasal products. We use the latest advancements and technologies for our products and only use 100% preservative-free formulas for our customers and patients. When it comes to helping people with everyday nasal and sinus problems like hayfever, blocked nose, runny nose, colds, sinusitis and more, ENT Technologies are experts in this field and believe the Flo brand can make a significant difference to the lives of Australians.

ENT Technologies is also a proud supporter of Asthma Australia and our philosophy greatly aligns with Asthma Australia’s mission. We’re both committed to helping Australians improve their respiratory health and as a result, help them breathe easier.

Parents rate Flo too!

The Flo range includes a wide range of nasal products from saline drops, sprays to sinus washes – something for the whole family; from newborns to adults.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to win the Tell Me Baby Award for “Highest Rated Baby Health Care Product” for our Flo Baby Saline Spray. Our Flo Marketing Manager was surprised and delighted with the announcement and stated:

“When we first received the news about winning the Tell Me Baby Award for Best Health Care Product for our Flo Baby product it was quite unexpected but obviously a delight for all the people behind the Flo brand! It’s all the more encouraging that parents who voted Flo as their brand of choice in this category had independently bought and used Flo Baby on their children and then provided authentic feedback, rather than being given a free sample to review, which can somewhat skew opinions.”

How Flo works with Tell Me Baby

ENT Technologies and the Flo brand partner with Tell Me Baby so that we can provide clear information for Australian parents on our range. Parents seeking out the best products for their children can read other’s reviews and/or write their own reviews. Parents also get to understand what works and helps other parents and the Flo brand gains useful customer insights into what parents love about the brand. We can also share parents’ positive stories about our products, such as how Flo Baby has helped a child feed better or even sleep better or how Flo Kids has helped a child bounce back quicker and return to school when struck with cold symptoms.

“We really appreciate that the Tell Me Baby community has taken the time to provide insight and feedback on Flo products (and many others) and that these Flo reviews have helped many other Australian parents choose a leading brand they can rely on and can help their child breathe easier. The Award has given us something else special to talk about and it instils even more confidence in others when they recommend Flo to other parents.

“Receiving the Winner’s Badge also meant we were able to include the Tell Me Baby Award across our own marketing channels so we could confirm to other parents that Flo is a trusted and premium brand. We’re proud to share the Tell Me Baby Winner’s badge because it signifies a “thumbs up” for the Flo brand from real, everyday Australian parents.”

Share your experiences and vote for your favourite brands!

The latest Tell Me Baby Award winners will be announced in Feb 2020, so if you’ve recently tried Flo and would like to share your experiences of how Flo or other brands have made a difference to your family, please visit: TELL ME BABY.



Flo proudly supports the work of Asthma Australia. The Asthma Australia mention in this editorial does not in any way constitute an endorsement by Asthma Australia of ENT Technologies or Flo products.