Nasal and sinus hygiene tips

Flo Sinus Relief Product by ENT Technologies

Hygiene tips for sinus washes and nasal sprays

If you and a family member suffer from nasal or sinus congestion, whether from colds, allergies, hay fever or sinusitis and you both need to use a nasal spray or sinus wash, always use your own device. Sharing the same product may spread infection and could potentially worsen your condition. Clearly labelling your device is a great way to ensure that there’s no confusion between who’s nasal spray or wash bottle belongs to whom.

Cleaning your sinus wash bottle is also vital to avoid contamination and we recommend that your bottle is thoroughly cleaned after every use.

  • Discard any remaining solution in the bottle. Always make a fresh solution for each treatment.
  • Clean all components i.e. bottle, tube and nozzle thoroughly using warm soapy water. Rinse all components well with tap water. Thoroughly dry using a clean paper towel.
  • You may then wipe down the inside of the bottle and cap and tube with Isopropyl alcohol – this is available as pre-packed swabs or in solution (e.g. Isocol) from your local pharmacy. This helps to disinfect the bottle and components and to dry off any remaining water.
  • Reassemble the bottle and store in refrigerator until next needed.
  • Before making up your Flo solution for the next use, rinse bottle and components with previously boiled water to ensure any residuals from the Isopropyl alcohol are removed.

For more information, always refer to the carton and leaflet inside the product carton. We recommend you keep these handy so  you can refer to when required.

Your pharmacist can also explain and demonstrate proper techniques for sinus irrigation and nasal spray application. You can also refer to our Videos