Looking after your health when travelling

Looking after your health.

Maintaining well hydrated nasal tissues whilst travelling may help you:

• Support immunity against common cold viruses and bacteria
• Prevent your nose from becoming dry or crusty as a result of air conditioning.

If the mucus layer that covers nasal tissues is kept moist, then viruses, bacteria and other irritants are trapped and carried to the back of the throat, swallowed and then destroyed by the stomach’s acids. This is a normal and natural process.

When travelling by plane or in air-conditioned environments, we are exposed to lower humidity and temperatures. This may affect nasal function. Cooler temperatures slow down mucus transportation in the nose and low humidity can dry it out.

However, planes are fitted with very efficient air filtrations systems, which can extract many common viruses1. Exposure to viruses is more likely when passengers exit the plane and enter places where the air filtration systems are less effective e.g. the airport, on public transport, in hotels or offices.

Other travel tips to consider:

Make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date.
Stay hydrated and drink water regularly.
Avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

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Supporting your nasal health.

Many of us are aware that hydration is key whilst travelling but keeping our nose moist may help it function normally and assist in maintaining our natural immunity.

Flo Travel is a gentle and moisturising nasal spray containing Carrageenan (red seaweed extract) in a saline solution. It is preservative-free and can be used in children from 2 years and older.

Flo Travel’s Carrageenan works by binding to the nasal tissues and holding onto water, keeping nasal tissues and mucus moist. The isotonic saline solution helps wash away germs to assist nasal immunity.

Using Flo Travel is a positive step towards supporting your nasal health especially when:

• Flying
• On public transport
• In air-conditioned environments.

If you have already caught a cold, then try Flo Travel to help shorten the duration of cold symptoms, so you can get on with enjoying your holiday or business travel.

Benefits of Flo Travel

Long Lasting Results
• Moisturises up to 4 hours.

• Shown to hydrate the nose and to help shorten the duration of cold symptoms3.

Easy and Pleasant To Use
• A preservative-free spray with no odour or after-taste. Does not sting.

Handy Travel Size
• Available as a 20mL spray. Suitable for in-flight use and on the go.

3.Efficacy and safety of an antiviral Iota-Carrageenan nasal spray: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled exploratory study in volunteers with early symptoms of the common cold. Eccles et al. Respir atory Research 2010, 11:108

Is Flo Travel easy to use?

Yes, Flo Travel is a gentle, moisturising nasal spray that does not sting the nose or have an unpleasant after-taste. It is preservative-free and can be used in children as young as 2 years of age. Flo Travel may help to temporarily relieve and reduce the duration of cold symptoms.

How often can Flo Travel be used?

To help support your nasal immunity and relieve nasal dryness, apply Flo Travel nasal spray every 4-6 hours or whenever your nose feels dry or crusty. If prone to colds when exposed to air-conditioned environments, keep Flo Travel close by for use. Happy travelling.

Worried about your health whilst travelling?

If you or a family member are about to travel overseas, ask your family medical practitioner or pharmacist about any precautions you should take to help you maintain your health.

Use Flo Travel only as directed. Always read the label. Follow instructions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your health professional.