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Getting your nasal spray technique correct

Whether you’re using a nasal spray for hay fever, allergies, a cold, nasal dryness or any nasal problem, it’s important to get your nasal spray technique right.

Using a nasal spray correctly means that you can be reassured that the contents are more likely to get to where they need to be and should work more effectively.

How to use a nasal spray correctly

How do you get the best results when using a nasal spray ?

The above diagram shows you how and follow the 3 simple steps below.

  1. Look down and spray a “V”,
  2. Inhale the spray or mist gently with your head slightly tilted forward
  3.  Keep the spray nozzle angled outwards and mist inside the nose.

If there are other people in your household requiring a nasal spray, always use your own. Never share the same spray bottle as this may spread infection and could potentially worsen your condition. Clearly labelling your bottle is a great way to ensure that there’s no confusion between who’s nasal spray belongs to whom.

Useful hay fever tip

If you’re using a medicated nasal spray for allergies or hay fever, try a preservative-free isotonic nasal saline like Flo Saline Plus 10-15 minutes before your allergy nasal spray. This helps cleanse the nasal tissues and help improve it’s effectiveness*.

If in doubt…

If you’re still not sure , ask your GP or pharmacist to demonstrate how to use a nasal spray.

Please note when using a decongestant nasal spray, do not use longer than 3 days.  If nasal symptoms continue to persist longer than 3 days, you should talk to your your GP or Pharmacist.

Note: For any nasal spray, make sure you always read and follow the instructions for use and if symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.


*Reference: Hermelingmeier, K. E., Weber, R. K., Hellmich, M., et al. Nasal irrigation as an adjunctive treatment in allergic rhinitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Am J Rhinol Allergy. 2012; 26: e119-25.