How to help a baby’s blocked nose

The early days of parenthood

Many new parents know all too well about sleepless nights especially in the early days! However, a baby’s blocked nose is not the first thing parents always consider, especially if they are trying to just get through the days in a sleep deprived haze.

What a blocked nose means for babies & parents

The issue with newborn and very young babies, is that they only breathe through their nose for the first few months. This means that when a baby’s narrow nasal passages get blocked, this can result in an unhappy, unsettled, sleepless baby. That’s because excess mucus can block their airways and as a result, it can interfere with their normal breathing.

If a baby is unable to breathe normally through their nose, chances are, baby can’t feed well. They get hungrier and wake more frequently to feed.

How to help a baby’s blocked nose

Clearing the excess mucus from a baby’s nose can help them breathe easier and it can be very easy! By using a gentle, preservative-free nasal saline, mucus can loosened and cleared from a baby’s nose.

Some baby nasal salines available in pharmacies use a nose aspirator or commonly known as snot suckers. These can be fiddly to use and as a result, may cause more stress to both parent and baby, especially if a baby is wriggling, unwell and uncomfortable.

How to use Flo Baby Salines

Flo Baby Nasal Salines can be used in any position or at any angle (even upside down) because of the special nozzle and pump, so it’s very quick and easy to use and fiddle-free.  Here’s how to administer Flo Baby in 3 easy steps:

1. Position baby comfortably i.e. lying down or sitting up, even breastfeeding.
2. Then place the Flo Baby Nasal Saline applicator tip just below baby’s nostril. To insert the required dose into each nostril, lightly press down the thumb activated pump.
3. Wipe baby’s nose with a soft clean tissue and clean nozzle after use.

Which to use: a saline spray or a saline dropper?

Many customers tell us that they prefer to use the Flo Baby Saline Nasal Drops for newborn babies. As their baby gets older or more used to a saline, they often progress to Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray. It is a matter of preference, but for more feedback, check out the many parenting product reviews on Flo’s range at Tell Me Baby



Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray has been awarded the Number 1 Baby Health Care Product by Tell Me Baby parents every year since 2018. Flo also proudly supports Asthma Australia.

Always read the label. Follow directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your healthcare professional.