Have allergies? Will travel! How to beat hay fever when you’re on the move.

When destinations require military operation.

Think “travel” and most of us scroll through out mental Pinterest boards full of holiday destinations and exotic locations. Your shoulders might even drop in anticipation of the general holiday relaxation vibe especially where organising your family is concerned. Yep, they just dropped.

Yet “travel” doesn’t necessarily mean stepping out of your everyday routine and onto a flight, ship or train with dozens of suitcases, nappy bags and children in tow. In fact, for many families their “everyday” involves travel of some description; ferrying kids to school and sport and family events and music lessons and play dates, just to name a few.

Schedules like these often require high end organisational skills, strategy, tactics, intell, determination and military precision. And then there’s the vital “materiel”, that is “the aggregate of things used or needed in any business, undertaking, or operation”!

It’s all about the prep.

The daily commute or family trip into the city can take as long as an Australian domestic flight. The Eastern Freeway, The Monash. You get the picture.

And it’s not a pretty one if you, or one of your passengers, start experiencing symptoms of hay fever and sneezing all over the dashboard. Murphy’s Law – it’s probably the one time you don’t have an allergy nasal spray to hand.

So whenever you leave home , always ensure you have your allergy medication and if you’re one of those people who easily lose your keys, wallet (or mind!) and you’re likely to forget, why not keep some spare in your handbag or car? For those who experience hay fever or respiratory allergies, carrying your usual medication is a no brainer, particularly during the thunderstorm season.

Our travel go-to’s!

Being summer, most of us tend to make use of our car’s air conditioning system. Unfortunately, air conditioning can play havoc on noses due to its drying effect.

Flo Travel Spray is a good all-round moisturising nasal spray that helps alleviate dryness in the nasal passages. Red seaweed extract (Carrageenan) binds to the nasal tissues and helps to retain moisture, while the isotonic and preservative-free saline solution helps to wash away germs and airborne irritants in the nose. Flo Travel is also great if you feel a cold coming on, as it has been shown to help reduce cold symptoms and duration*. Your younger passengers may also benefit as Flo Travel can be used from ages 2 and up.

Flo Rapid Relief Spray is another useful product to carry with you, especially if you’re prone to an attack of the sneezes or a runny nose or blocked nose due to hay fever. It’s a fast-acting preservative-free decongestant nasal spray developed to rapidly help clear a blocked or runny nose. (Recommended for 12 years and up).

Both Flo products are conveniently packaged sprays, easy to carry (15-20mL) and use on the go, when needed.

Finally, if you’re the family chauffeur and an unfortunate hay fever sufferer, be sure to get to bed early the night prior to driving! People who experience hay fever tend to experience more fatigue and lower concentration levels.

So take care on the roads and travel healthy and well, wherever your destination!


Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

*Eccles et al. Efficacy of an antiviral Iota-Carageenan nasal spray; a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled exploratory study in volunteers with early symptoms of the common cold. Respiratory research 2010; 11:108.