Hats off to parents for going with the Flo for 3 years in a row!

Australian parents vote for Flo Baby award again!

The makers of Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray are tipping their hats to Australian parents for choosing the Flo Baby brand. That’s three years in a row now! Winners were announced this week by Tell Me Baby, Australia’s largest independent review site of baby products.

Flo Baby was awarded 2021’s Top Baby Health Product again by Australian parents and had won this category for 3 consecutive years – a hat trick for Flo!

Feedback on the Tell Me Baby site is provided by parents who buy products independently and not via product sampling, which can lead to biased reviews.

What makes Flo Baby special?

Marketing Manager, Deb Clemens says:

“We believe parents have been won over by the Flo Baby brand because it ticks all the boxes when looking for something to help a baby’s snotty or blocked nose. Not only is Flo Baby very convenient, quick and effective at clearing the nose, but it can do it without any extra fiddly devices like a snot sucker (nasal mucus aspirator).”

“Many parents also noticed how Flo Baby is the only baby nasal spray in Australia which can be used at any angle, making it exceptionally handy for wriggly kids! And because Flo Baby doesn’t contain any preservatives, they feel confident about using it on their little one as often as needed.” Says Deb Clemens.

Why a clear nose is important

Dr Sam Barbalatt, Medical Director of ENT Technologies (makers of the Flo range) also adds:

“Clearing the nose is very important for young infants because they only breathe through their nose for the first few months of their lives1. This means a blocked or runny nose can cause many problems when it comes to a newborn’s sleep and feeding, not to mention the knock-on effects for new parents. Having a clear nose can make a big difference to both baby’s and parent’s temperaments!”

Paediatric studies show that a blocked or runny nose in premature babies and newborns can often be caused by nasal airway obstruction linked to rhinitis, viral upper respiratory tract infections and allergies2.

Flo Baby is suitable for babies of all ages including premature infants and newborns. Flo Baby’s saline formulation is isotonic, meaning that it mimics the body’s natural fluid. It works by thinning and washing away excess mucus which can then be easily and gently wiped away3.


About ENT Technologies

ENT Technologies pride themselves on evidence-based nasal and sinus products which are available in pharmacies throughout Australia and distributed to many overseas countries. The Flo brand is a proud supporter of Asthma Australia and Asthma WA and provides a range of preservative-free nasal products for easier breathing in babies, children and adults.

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