Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray Awarded Number One Again!

Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray WINS again!

Flo Baby Saline Nasal Spray has been awarded 2020’s top baby health product yet again, as voted by Australian parents. Parents submitted their nominations via Tell Me Baby.

Tell Me Baby is Australia’s largest independent review site of baby and mum products. Feedback is provided voluntarily by parents who’ve purchased the product independently, which means product bias is less likely.

Why do parents love Flo Baby?

Parents love Flo Baby because it is effective at clearing noses and is considered a helpful and natural cold or allergy remedy for babies. Flo Baby was rated the easiest nasal spray to use because it can be sprayed at any angle, which obviously is a useful feature for wriggly babies! Mums also appreciate that it is preservative-free and gentle enough for daily use.

Flo Baby Nasal Spray can be used even with baby lying down

The importance of a clear nose in babies

Paediatric studies show that a blocked or runny nose in premature babies and newborns can often be caused by nasal airway obstruction which may be related to rhinitis, viral upper respiratory tract infections or milk/soy allergies1.

It makes sense that, clearing the nose is important for babies especially as they only breathe through their nose for the first few months of their lives2. When it comes to a newborn’s sleep and feeding, a blocked or runny nose can cause many problems, not to mention the knock-on effects for new parents.

Benefits of Flo Baby Saline

  • Flo Baby works quickly and easily to clear little noses so that babies can breathe easier, and as a result feed and sleep easier.
  • It’s also suitable for babies of all ages including newborns.
  • Flo Baby’s special saline formulation is preservative-free and isotonic i.e. it mimics the body’s natural fluid. It works by thinning and washing away excess mucus3 which can then be gently wiped away. There is no need to use a fiddly device like a “snot sucker” or “bulb aspirator”. According to ENT’s own research, gadgets like these have been shown to be stressful for both baby and parents to use4.
  • Flo Baby is available from Pharmacies Australia-wide as both a spray or dropper so parents can choose their preferred administration. Both products can be used at any angle and work even if your baby is lying down or feeding.

Tell Me Baby’s review process follows strict criteria to ensure that the testimonials are genuine and helpful. To read more about what parent’s think of  Flo Baby visit Tell Me Baby


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