Flo Baby and Kids Saline Nasal Sprays – Review By Facebook Mums

Mums love Flo Baby and Kids Saline Nasal sprays for so many reasons but they particularly love how effective it is for general snottiness, colds and allergies, how it can be sprayed at any angle and that they are more than happy to to use it.

“We love Flo because it helps clear my son’s nose and let’s him get to sleep when he is congested due to colds or allergies!”

“I love love love love the Flo Nasal Spray. I love that it can be sprayed at any angle and that the mist is gentle on bub’s nostrils. My now 2 year old will pick it up during nappy time and use it when he’s feeling all congested.”

“I like how effective and easy Flo Baby is to use on my children.”

“I think Flo is a great idea and is a little easier to administer to children than getting them to swallow yucky medicine.”

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