Dealing with hayfever: 3 things to know

Here are our three major tips for dealing with allergies or hayfever that can make a positive difference from both a preventative aspect and for keeping symptoms under control.

  1. Avoid (or protect against) your enemy: If you know what triggers your hayfever or allergy symptoms this is a big help, but unfortunately they may be too tricky to avoid! Avoiding pets or animals, is an obvious one, if this is your issue. To protect against mould, fungi and dust allergens, keep your home and work space clean, well aired and dry. To protect yourself against pollen or pollutants, try to remain inside on windy days. A weather app or website such as Weatherzone may be useful to check the forecast for winds and pollen count in your area.
  2. Reduce your allergic response: The best way to reduce the response to allergens inside your nose is by keeping your nasal mucosa clean, moist and functional (the membrane lining your nasal passages).  Allergenic material like pollens, dust mites and fungi have enzymes that open up the  “tight junctions” which maintain the barrier between the cells in the nose and the blood supply beneath. If that barrier is ruptured, then an inflammatory response is started.
  3. Maintain your defence mechanisms: A preservative-free saline wash or spray such as Flo Sinus Care or Flo Saline Plus can irrigate your nasal passages, and can help maintain the barrier against allergens. In severe cases, additional therapy might be needed, but looking after the nasal mucosa is vital. An allergy or hayfever medicated nasal spray may be recommended by your pharmacist or doctor, so if this is the case, try a preservative-free saline 10-15 minutes before using your medicated spray. Washing away allergic materials before applying your medicated spray may result in significant anti-inflammatory relief and in turn, improve your allergy symptoms.

For more information, please discuss with your pharmacist.

There are other options that can be offered if the above is still not sufficient to alleviate your hayfever or allergy symptoms.